Following are the CLI commands for Apache Stratos 4.1.x release:

You need to configure the CLI tool before you use CLI commands. For more information, see Configuring CLI Tool.

Entity/ ProcessCommandDescription


Add a tenant.


Activate a tenant.
describe-tenant Retrieve details of a specific tenant.


Retrieve details of all tenants.

Search for tenants based on the partial domain value entered.

The list-tenants CLI has been repeated as it has two different uses.

update-tenant Update a specific tenant.
deactivate-tenant   Deactivate a tenant.
add-user Add a user.
list-users Retrieve details of all users.
update-user Update a specific user.
list-users Retrieve details of all users.


Delete a user.
Kubernetes Cluster
add-kubernetes-cluster Add a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
list-kubernetes-clusters Retrieving details of all Kubernetes-CoreOS Clusters.
describe-kubernetes-cluster Describe a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
update-kubernetes-master Update the master node of the Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
describe-kubernetes-master Retrieve details of the master in a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
remove-kubernetes-cluster Delete a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
add-kubernetes-host Add a host to a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
list-kubernetes-hosts Retrieve details of all hosts of a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
update-kubernetes-host Update the host of a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
remove-kubernetes-host Delete the host of a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.
Network Partition


Add a new network partition.
list-network-partitions Retrieve details of all the network partitions.
describe-network-partition Describe a network partition.
update-network-partition   Update a specific network partition.
remove-network-partition Delete a network partition.
Deployment policy


Add a deployment policy definition.
describe-deployment-policy Describe a deployment policy.
list-deployment-policies Retrieve details of a deployment policy.
update-deployment-policy Update a deployment policy.
remove-deployment-policy Delete a deployment policy.
Auto-scaling policy


Add an auto-scaling policy definition.


Retrieve details of an auto-scaling policy.


Retrieve details of auto-scaling policies.
update-autoscaling-policy Update an auto-scaling policy.


Delete an auto-scaling policy.





Add a cartridge definition.
describe-cartridge Retrieve details of a cartridge.


Retrieve details of available cartridges.


Retrieve details of cartridges based on the filter value.


Delete a cartridge.
Cartridge group
add-cartridge-group Add a cartridge group.


Describe cartridge group.


Retrieve details of all the cartridge groups.
remove-cartridge-group Delete a cartridge group.
Application Policy
add-application-policy Add an application policy.
list-application-policies Retrieve details of all the application policies.
describe-application-policy Describe an application policy.
update-application-policy Update an application policy.
remove-application-policy Delete an application policy.
add-application Add an application.
update-application Update an application.
describe-application Describe an application.
list-applications Retrieve details of all the applications.
describe-application-runtime Describe the runtime topology of an application.
deploy-application Deploy an application.
undeploy-application Undeploy an application.


Delete an application.
Application Sign Up
add-application-signup Add an application sign up.


Describe an application sign up of a specific application.
remove-application-signup Delete an application sign up.
Domain mapping
add-domain-mappings Map domain to a subscribed cartridge.
list-domain-mappings Retrieve details of domain mappings of an application.
remove-domain-mappings Remove domain mappings of an application.

help Used to obtain help about commands in Apache Stratos CLI tool.
exit Exit from the Apache Stratos CLI tool.
The corresponding methods for the above CLI commands can be viewed in the Apache Stratos Git repository in the following directory: [stratos.git]/components/org.apache.stratos.cli/src/main/java/org/apache/stratos/cli/commands/  
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