Follow the instructions below to delete an auto-scaling policy:

You will not be allowed to delete auto-scaling polices that are being used by deployed applications. If an autoscaling policy is being used by a deployed application, you will have to first undeploy the application to be able to delete the corresponding auto-scaling policy.

  1. Navigate to the Auto-scaling Policies page.
    • If you are using the tiles to navigate, follow the steps below:
      1. Click Configurations on the home page.
      2. Click Auto-scaling Policies. The Auto-scaling Policies page will appear.
    • If you are using the menu options, follow the steps below:
      1. Click on the list menu.
      2. Click on the Configurations menu down arrow.
      3. Click Autoscaling Policies. The Auto-scaling Policies page will appear.
  2. Click Delete to delete the selected auto-scaling policy. 
    Grid view:
    If you are in the grid view, hover your mouse pointer over the auto-scaling policy that you wish to delete for the Delete button to appear.
    List view:
  3. Click Yes to delete the auto-scaling policy.
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