The following section illustrates the end-to-end process flow involved in undeploying a deployed application. 

How to undeploy an application

Follow the instructions below to undeploy an application:

Step 1 - Undepoly the application

Step 2 - Delete the application

Step 3 - Delete the cartridge group

Step 4 - Delete the cartridge

  • To get information on how to delete a cartridge via the REST API, CLI and UI, see Deleting a Cartridge.

Step 5 - Delete the auto-scaling policy

Step 6 - Delete the deployment policy

Step 7 - Delete the network partition

Step 8 - Delete the application policy

Step 9 - (Optional) Delete the Kubernetes Cluster

This is only applicable if you are using Stratos with Kubernetes.

The diagram illustrates the Application undeployment workflow: 

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