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The following sections illustrate the Metadata APIs that are used in version v4.1:


Resource PathDescription

POSTapplications/{application_id}/propertiesAdd a property to an application.
POST/applications/{application_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/propertiesAdd a property to a cluster.
GET/applications/{application_id}/propertiesRetrieve all application property details.
GET/applications/{application_id}/properties/{property_name}Retrieve details of an application property.
GET/applications/{application_id}/clusters/{cluster_id}/propertiesRetrieve details of all cluster properties in an application.
DELETE/applications/{application_id}/propertiesDeleting all the properties in an application.
DELETE/applications/{application_id}/properties/{property_name}Delete an application property.
DELETEapplications/{application_id}/properties/{property_name}/value/{value}Delete a value of an application property.
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