Prior to installing Apache Stratos, verify that you have met the prerequisites described in the following sections on this page:

Software requirements  




Minimum RequirementsDownload Links
Development/ Testing

Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Required by all the products:

1.6.24 or later / 1.7.*

If you wish to get support for 32 bits in Apache Stratos, download the Java 32 bits distribution.

MySQL Server

Required to manage database connections.

5.5.0 or later


MySQL Connector for Java

Required as a standardized database driver for Java platforms and development.

1.7.0 or later

 Git ClientRequired to check out the source from the Git repository.2.2.1 or later

Apache Maven

Required to build the product from the source distribution.
RubyRequired as a prerequisite for cartridges.2.1.0 or laterX
Zip Utility

Required to compress and unzip the packages.

NOTE: This is not required when using the manual approach to configure and start Stratos.

AnyXChoose a zip utility that is compatible with the OS.
Cartridge Base ImageRequired as a prerequisite for cartridges.2.6.0 or later

The cartridge base image will vary based on the setup that you are using. For example, If you are using OpenStack, you need to have an OpenStack base image. Whereas, if you are using Docker, you need to have a Docker base image.

FacterRequired as a prerequisite for cartridges.2.0.0 or laterX
AMQP Message Broker
Required for Stratos runtime. The message broker is used to communicate with CEP.ActiveMQ 5.10.0

Currently ActiveMQ 5.10.0 is used by default in the  Apache Stratos installation. However, Apache Stratos also supports other AMQP message brokers such as, WSO2 Message Broker and RabbitMQ.

MQTT Message BrokerRequired to communicate with the Cloud Controller and other Apache Stratos profiles.Any

Currently ActiveMQ is used by default in the Apache Stratos installation.

WSO2 CEPRequired to analyze & process events of a cartridge.3.0.0

You do not need to download CEP when installing Stratos using the Automated Stratos Configurations approach.

Oracle VM VirtualBox ManagerNOTE: Required only when working with Kubernetes. 4.3.20 or laterX


  • Required only when working with Kubernetes.  
  • As VirtualBox will be used as the provider for Vagrant, VirtualBox needs to be installed prior to installing Vagrant.
1.7.2 or laterX

System requirements

System Requirements
  • Memory - 2GB
  • Disk - 40GB hard disk space
  • Processor - 2.8GHz CPU
Environment Compatibility
  • Operating Systems - Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 64bit server or SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2)

    If you wish to get support for 32 bits in Apache Stratos, download the Java 32 bits distribution.

Basic configurations

  • Set the environment variable as follows to avoid Maven OutOfMemoryError.
    export MAVEN_OPTS='-Xms2048m -Xmx4096m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m'
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