Stratos Manager provides a console (UI), which allows users to interact with the system. In addition, Stratos Manager also hosts the REST and CLI services, which are responsible for providing PaaS management operations. 



Adding a cartridge.YesYesYes
Updating a cartridge.YesYesNo
Getting details of a specific cartridge.YesYesYes
Getting details of cartridges.YesYesNo
Getting details of cartridges using filters.YesYesNo
Deleting a cartridge.YesYesYes
Cartridge groupsAdding a cartridge group.YesYesYes
Updating a cartridge group.YesYesNo
Getting details of a specific cartridge group.YesYesYes
Getting details of cartridge groups.YesYesNo
Deleting a cartridge group.YesYesYes

Network partition

Adding a network partition.YesYesYes
Updating a network partition.YesYesNo
Getting details of a specific network partition.YesYesYes
Getting details of network partitions.YesYesNo
Deleting a network partition.YesYesYes


Adding an application.YesYesYes
Deploy an application.YesYesYes
Getting details of an application.YesYesYes
Getting details of applications.YesYesNo
Getting the runtime topology of an application.YesYesNo
Undeploy an application.YesYesYes
Deleting an application.YesYesYes
Application policiesAdding an application policy.YesYesYes
Updating an application policy.YesYesNo
Getting details of an application policy.YesYesYes
Getting details of application policies.YesYesNo
Deleting an application policy.YesYesYes
Application sign upSigning up to an application.YesYesNo
Getting sign up details of an application.YesYesNo
Deleting sign up details of an application.YesYesNo
Domain mappingsAdding domain mappings.YesYesNo
Getting domain mapping details of an application.YesYesNo
Deleting domain mappings.YesYesNo
Auto-scaling policyAdding an auto-scaling policy.YesYesYes
Updating an auto-scaling policy.YesYesNo
Getting details of an auto-scaling policy.YesYesYes
Getting details of auto-scaling policies.YesYesNo
Deleting an auto-scaling policy.YesYesYes
TenantsAdding a tenant.YesYesYes
Updating a tenant.YesYesNo
Getting details of a tenant.YesYesNo
Getting details of tenants.YesYesNo
Searching for tenants.YesYesNo
Activating a tenant.YesYesYes
Deactivating a tenant.YesYesYes
UserAdding a user.YesYesYes
Updating a user.YesYesNo
Getting details of users.YesYesNo
Deleting a user.YesYesYes
Kubernetes-CoreOS ClusterAdding a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.YesYes


Adding a host to a Kubernetes-CoreOS Cluster.YesYes
Updating a Kubernetes-CoreOS master.YesYesNo
Getting details on all Kubernetes-CoreOS groups.YesYesNo
Getting details on a Kubernetes-CoreOS group.YesYesYes
Getting details on all the hosts in a Kubernetes-CoreOS group.YesYesNo
Getting details on the master in a Kubernetes-CoreOS group.YesYesNo
Undeploying a host in a Kubernetes-CoreOS group.YesYesNo
Deleting a Kubernetes-CoreOS group.YesYesYes
Deployment policiesAdding a deployment policy.YesYesYes
Updating a deployment policy.YesYesNo
Getting details of a deployment policy.YesYesYes
Getting details of deployment policies.YesYesNo
Deleting a deployment policy.YesYesYes
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