The main Git repository is hosted at the following location: Apache Stratos, welcomes you all to contribute by checking out Apache Stratos source from Git, building the products used by Apache Stratos and making changes. If you are a non-committer, for more information on contributing, see Contributing as a Non-committer. If you are an Apache Stratos committer, you will be able to directly commit your changes after following the instructions below:

Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK), Apache Maven and Git Client are the basic prerequisites that are required to build from source. For more information on the product versions required, see Prerequisites.

Step 1 - Check out the source

Checkout the source from Apache Stratos remote repository to a folder of your choice.


For example: git clone myLocalRepo

Make sure that you have setup Git properly. For more information, go to

Step 2 - Build using Maven

  1. Navigate to the directory that you checked out the Stratos source distribution.


    For example: cd myLocalRepo/<STRATOS_SOURCE_HOME>
  2. Use Maven to build the source.

    mvn clean install To build the source distribution of the release.
    mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=trueTo build source distribution, without running any of the unit tests.
    mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -o To build source distribution, without running any of the unit tests, in offline mode. This can be done only if you've already built the source at least once.
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