Welcome to the  Apache Stratos  4.1.x  manual! 

You can use the Apache Stratos 4.1.x manual for the following Stratos releases: Apache Stratos 4.1.0, Apache Stratos 4.1.1, Apache Stratos 4.1.2, Apache Stratos 4.1.3, Apache Stratos 4.1.4, Apache Stratos 4.1.5


About Stratos

The topics in this section introduce Apache Stratos, its features and its architecture.

How it Works

This section describes the relationship between each of the artifacts, and also the end-to-end flow involved in deploying and undeploying an application.

Deployment Guide

Provides instructions for Stratos installation and deployment on Kubernetes, EC2, OpenStack, GCE and the Stratos Mock test framework.

Stratos Samples

This section has a host of samples that allows you to tryout and test Stratos.

Administration Guide

This section describes all aspects of administering Stratos, including performance tuning, security, and more.

User Guide

This section explains how you can interact with Stratos to create, update and delete artifacts via the REST API, CLI, and the UI, and more.

Advanced User Guide

This section explains the advanced scenarios that are applicable to Stratos such as, extending Stratos, applying multiple network interfaces, and more.

Stratos API

This section covers the Stratos and Metadata REST API references, together with information on the REST API changes, API versioning and HTTP status codes that are returned in the API responses.

Troubleshooting Guide

This section provides detailed guidance, helpful hints, and solutions for troubleshooting.

Developer Guide

This section covers all the development level information that a Stratos developer needs to know.

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