The Apache Subversion project organizes a yearly hackathon for its project members. This year we are planning something special during that event for the community as well: A meet-and-greet event.

If you always wanted to talk to us in person, get to know the faces behind the names on the mailing lists, or want to discuss some SVN features/issues in person, this is your chance.

The meet-and-greet event will happen on November 23rd in Aachen, Germany, at 8pm local time (UTC: +01:00) at Cafe Madrid (Pontstraße 141-149). You are invited to join us there for dinner (or just to have a drink). Unfortunately, we can't cover your expenses and you'd have to pay your food/drinks yourself.

The event also provides you with the possibility to extend your PGP key's web of trust (i.e. the event will also serve in parallel as a key-signing event).

If you are interested in joining us, please email the organizer Stefan Hett or the Subversion committers and whether you are planning to have dinner there as well (or just come over for a drink), so we can make sure we get a proper location which is large enough for all of us.

Thanks to Assembla for sponsoring SVN Hackathon 2017.

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