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Version warning

The content below is for Apache Syncope <= 1.2 - for later versions the Reference Guide is available.

Syncope can be configured for using either local and remote connector bundles:

  • local connector bundles are located somewhere in the same filesystem where the container running Syncope is deployed;
  • remote connector bundles are provided via Java or .NET connector server.

While local connector bundles feature an easy setup, remote connector bundles allow enhanced deployment scenarios and are particularly useful when it is needed to deal with architectural security constraints or when a connector bundle requires to run on a specific platform OS (say MS Windows) while Syncope is deployed on another platform OS (say GNU/Linux).

This file (located at core/src/main/resources/ holds the configuration for defining which ConnId locations (either local and remote) Syncope will be able to deal with.

The format is quite straightforward:


where each location is the string representation of an URI of the form


for local locations or


for remote non-SSL connector servers or


for remote SSL connector servers, with optional flag to disable certificate check. Refer to Connid for how to work with Java or .NET connector servers.

About key

Key value must be reported as non-encrypted cleartext.
Any special character in the key value (e.g. any character which needs URL encoding) must be reported using its encoded representation: for example '@` becomes '%40' .

Some examples

Single local location


Single remote location


Multiple locations

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