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Version Warning

The content below is for Apache Syncope <= 1.2 - for later versions the Reference Guide is available.

Provided as a JAR file, a ConnId connector bundle implements a consistent generic layer between Syncope and external resources.

The specific connector bundle is always a pre-requisite to link a particular external resource. There is a connector bundle for each linkable external resource type. Obviously, a single connector bundle can be used to link more than one resources of the same type.

Here is the complete list of ready-to-use ConnId bundles; if needed, new connector bundles can also be developed on-purpose.

Connector bundles can be added or replaced:

  1. only when creating new project from archetype, in project sources;
  2. for all deployment options, at run-time.

Add or replace connector bundles in project sources

Set different version for predefined bundles

First of all, verify which connector bundles are predefined in your project; check an URL like as<syncope.version>/syncope-<syncope.version>.pom

where <syncope.version> is the Syncope version of your project, so for example for Syncope 1.2.5.

In that file, find maven-dependency-plugin's configuration -  as example, here it follows the content for Syncope 1.2.5:

As you can see, there are several Maven properties controlling the related connector bundle's version.

If you want your own project to use a different version of the same connector bundle, all you need to do is to override the related property in your own project's root pom.xml.

With reference to Syncope 1.2.5, supposing that you would like to use net.tirasa.connid.bundles.db.table version 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT rather than 2.2.2 shipped with Syncope 1.2.5, add the following property to your own project's root pom.xml:

Add non-predefined connector bundle

If the needed connector bundle is not in the predefined set as shown above, you need to

  1. Add a new property into your own project's root pom.xml:

  2. Change maven-dependency-plugin's configuration both in core/pom.xml and console/pom.xml from


Add or replace connector bundles at run-time

Connector bundles can be added or replaced at run-time by just performing the following two steps:

  1. Download the required connector bundle JAR file;
  2. Copy the downloaded JAR file into one of configured ConnId locations, e.g. a directory where the other connector bundles are already located in.


  1. This needs updates for 1.1.0.


    1. Actually, not.

      You can, of course use connid.location in 1.1.0, but is working as well, since the parent 1.1.0 POM defines the connid.location property as

  2. Francesco. Could you verify if the part about adding on run-time is correct, and perhaps expand a bit on this?

    I tried that, but it kept trying to find my bundles in /home/ilgrosso/work/syncope/1_1_X/target/checkout/core/target/bundles/. I also searched the source and I could not find a single instance of "" in the core or the common projects, so I fail to see how this could work.

    1. is a Maven property defined in the parent POM of the Syncope version you are running; see examples for 1.0.X and 1.1.X (look under <properties>).

      The root POM of your own project has the POM referenced above as parent POM: this means that all properties defined in the former are available in the latter, including

      When you run embedded mode, is ${}/bundles, e.g. normally core/target/bundles.

      When you build your own project via

      you are just overriding the default value for - e.g. the one defined in the parent POM.

      Actually, the path reported by you above (/home/ilgrosso/work/syncope/1_1_X/target/checkout/core/target/bundles/) is generated during the archetype deployment and is ignored; if you generated your own project before 1.1.0 was released, you are probably missing some files under core/src/main/resources: I'd suggest to start with a new project and to compare with your current.