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The content below is for Apache Syncope <= 1.2 - for later versions the Getting Started guide is available.


Starting from Apache Syncope 1.1.0 a standalone package is available, containing a full working distribution.


  1. be sure that hostname is resolved either via hosts file or DNS server
  2. unzip the distribution archive
  3. go into the Apache Tomcat directory
  4. start Apache Tomcat
    • Unix

      $ chmod 755 ./bin/*.sh
      $ ./bin/
    • Windows


Please refer to Apache Tomcat documentation for more advanced setup and instructions.

Internal storage

By default, the standalone distribution is configured for using an in-memory database instance. This means that every time Tomcat is shut down all changes made are lost.

If you want instead to make your changes persistent, replace




in webapps/syncope/WEB-INF/classes/ from the Apache Tomcat directory. This will create H2 database files in the home directory of the user running Apache Syncope.

Please refer to H2 documentation for more options.

Components available

The set of available components, including access URLs and credentials, is the same as report for embedded mode.

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