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Version Warning

The content below is for Apache Syncope <= 1.2 - for later versions the Reference Guide is available.

Version warning

Content of this page applies to Apache Syncope Espressivo (1.0.X)
Not your version? Check the updated page.


A synchronization action class is a Java class that implements some specific actions to be performed before and after synchronization.


A synchronization action class is a Java implementation of the SyncJobActions interface.

If a Synchronization Actions Class has been specified for a certain Synchronization Task, SyncJobActions's implemented methods will be executed during synchronization:

  • beforeAll(...) will be executed before to start synchronization;
  • beforeCreate(...) will be executed before each local create of a new user retrieved during synchronization;
  • beforeUpdate(...) will be executed before each local update of an existing user retrieved during synchronization;
  • beforeDelete(...) will be executed before each local delete of a user removed from synchronized external resource;
  • after(...) will be executed after each single user synchronization;
  • afterAll(...) will be executed after synchronization process completion.


A synchronization actions class can be deployed:

  • at project definition time
    • by adding own implementation into the overlay project, before to build Syncope.
  • at run-time
    • by adding into the container classpath own implementation (container must be re-started to reload the classpath).
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