Before starting

Due to the changes occurred in JWT management, execute the SQL query below on your internal storage:


DELETE FROM AccessToken;
DROP VIEW user_search_udyngmemb;
DROP VIEW user_search_dynrmemb;
DROP VIEW anyObject_search_adyngmemb;

DROP TABLE DynRoleMembership_User;
DROP TABLE DynGroupMembership_User;
DROP TABLE DynGroupMembership_AnyObject;

CREATE TABLE UDynGroupMembers(
    any_id CHAR(36),
    group_id CHAR(36),
    UNIQUE(any_id, group_id));

CREATE TABLE ADynGroupMembers(
    anyType_id VARCHAR(255),
    any_id CHAR(36),
    group_id CHAR(36),
    UNIQUE(anyType_id, any_id, group_id));

CREATE TABLE DynRoleMembers(
    any_id CHAR(36),
    role_id VARCHAR(255),
    UNIQUE(any_id, role_id));

CREATE TABLE DynRealmMembers(
    any_id CHAR(36),
    dynRealm_id VARCHAR(255),
    UNIQUE(any_id, dynRealm_id));

CREATE INDEX UDynGroupMembers_any_id ON UDynGroupMembers(any_id);
CREATE INDEX UDynGroupMembers_group_id ON UDynGroupMembers(group_id);
CREATE INDEX ADynGroupMembers_any_id ON ADynGroupMembers(any_id);
CREATE INDEX ADynGroupMembers_group_id ON ADynGroupMembers(group_id);
CREATE INDEX DynRoleMembers_any_id ON DynRoleMembers(any_id);
CREATE INDEX DynRoleMembers_role_id ON DynRoleMembers(role_id);
CREATE INDEX DynRealmMembers_any_id ON DynRealmMembers(any_id);
CREATE INDEX DynRealmMembers_dynRealm_id ON DynRealmMembers(dynRealm_id);
CREATE INDEX UPAttrUniqueValue_attrIndex on UPlainAttrUniqueValue(attribute_id);
CREATE INDEX GPAttrUniqueValue_attrIndex on GPlainAttrUniqueValue(attribute_id);
CREATE INDEX APAttrUniqueValue_attrIndex on APlainAttrUniqueValue(attribute_id);
CREATE INDEX CPAttrUniqueValue_attrIndex on CPlainAttrUniqueValue(attribute_id);
CREATE INDEX UPlainAttr_schema_Index on UPlainAttr(schema_id);
CREATE INDEX UPlainAttr_membership_Index on UPlainAttr(membership_id);
CREATE INDEX GPlainAttr_schema_Index on GPlainAttr(schema_id);
CREATE INDEX APlainAttr_schema_Index on APlainAttr(schema_id);
CREATE INDEX APlainAttr_membership_Index on APlainAttr(membership_id);

Please beware that the statement above will, among other things, invalidate any existing session.

Source changes


In the root pom.xml:

  • change parent/version from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4

  • change properties/syncope.version from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4


Replace the following files with their 2.0.4 counterparts (re-apply any customization previously made):

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