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Source changes


In the root pom.xml:

  • change parent/version from 2.1.5 to 2.1.6
  • change properties/syncope.version from 2.1.5 to 2.1.6

In core and console pom.xml:

  • Replace the old jstl dependency:

    jstl dependency

    with taglibs-standard-impl one:

    taglibs-standard-impl dependency


Replace the following files with their 2.1.6 counterparts (if found, re-apply any customization previously made; otherwise, skip):

Internal Storage

CREATE INDEX TaskExec_TaskIdIndex ON TaskExec(task_id);
CREATE INDEX AnyTemplatePullTask_PullTaskIndex ON AnyTemplatePullTask(pullTask_id);
CREATE INDEX NotificationTask_recipientsIndex ON NotificationTask_recipients(notificationTask_id);

In case you want to bootstrap the internal storage for 2.1.6 with MasterContent.xml exported from 2.1.5, please ensure first to remove any entry of the following types:

  • <ConnInstanceHistoryConf/>
  • <ExternalResourceHistoryConf/>
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