Apache Tajo is currently using svn pubsub to publish the podling website but maintains its source code in git. This requires several steps to update the website; generating the website from the source checkout and updating the site in subversion.

After making whatever changes you want to appear on the website, run the following or similar commands from the root tajo source directory:

$> # Generate a new version of the website. This is contained in the tajo-project module rather than the root module
$> mvn -pl tajo-project site:site

$> # Check the result is what you wanted. Note open is OSX specific
$> open tajo-project/target/site/index.html
$> # Check out the website from where it's hosted
$> svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/tajo/site/ /tmp/site
$> # Copy the updated files to the site
$> rsync -avz tajo-project/target/site/ /tmp/site
$> # Jump to the website
$> cd /tmp/site
$> # Verify again that only changes you're expecting have beena applied.
$> # Lots of files are timestamped, so there will be extra diffs to consider
$> svn diff
$> # Commit the changes. The live website will be updated automatically within a few minutes.
$> svn ci -m "Updating website because..."


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