Bluehole (

  • We are the developer of 3D MMORPG, TERA.
  • We are using Tajo in TERA client log analytics system. Tajo made our analysis works simple through its direct JSON data format support. 
  • For more information on our Tajo adoption story, take a look at our slide :

Database Lab., Korea University (

  • Tajo was originally developed at Database Lab. Korea Univ.
  • They have 32 Tajo cluster nodes.

Encored Technologies (

  • The company provides real-time and cumulative electric power for residential and business usage, via NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring).

  • A Tajo cluster is running with 30 nodes, and the system is increasingly expanding.
  • The cluster is constructed on AWS EC2, and on-premise environment; it is becoming more dependent on Tajo.
  • To archive the purpose of research and data analysis for per-device usage, more than one hundred million records are processed by Tajo on a daily basis.

Gruter (

  • Gruter is a Hadoop-based infrastructure company which builds big data platforms and provides technical services for the data-driven enterprise market.
  • We provide a social network analysis service.
  • We have about 32 cluster nodes.
  • We use Tajo for ETL and ad-hoc queries on collected social network data sets.
  • We process hundreds of giga bytes per day.


  • We use 20 Tajo cluster nodes.
  • We process 4TB (400,000,000 events) per day.


  • LINEWALKS provides visual data discovery services for advanced analysis of large-scale data sets of various fields including Medicine and Finance.
  • We use Tajo to analyze medical data sets provided by  HIRA (Health Insurance Review and Assessment service) .
  • We use a Tajo cluster of 10 nodes on HDFS for performing ETL and complex data analysis tasks.

Locket (

  • They use 10 nodes on Amazon EC2.

LOEN Entertainment (

  • We provide MelOn, the largest online music service platform in South Korea, with more than 28 million users.
  • We run Tajo clusters with 50+ nodes on HDFS. In our production workloads, Tajo is 1.5 ~ 3x faster than old Hive setup, using less cluster resources.
  • We use Tajo with HBase for analyzing purchase history for target marketing.

  • Also we are using Tajo in our data insight platform for ETL and ad-hoc queries, running 1300 SQL queries on a lot of tables up to 8TB.
  • We plan to adopt Tajo for our batch jobs in other legacy production cluster.

SK telecom (

  • SK telecom is the largest mobile carrier in South Korea.
  • In overall, Tajo is used to analysis logs collected from our cellular network.
  • We replaced some commercial data warehouse system by Tajo.
  • We use Tajo for ETL and OLAP workloads.
  • We use 2 nodes for Tajo Master and 51 nodes for Tajo workers.
  • For only ETL, we process over 120 SQL queries that process over 4TB per day.

  • We also submit more than 500 different queries through some integrated OLAP tool per day.

TicketMonster (

  • TicketMonster is the fastest growing e-commerce company in South Korea.
  • Currently, Tajo is used to analysis logs collected from the service.
  • We use a Tajo cluster of 50 nodes to process about 100 SQL queries over 5TB per day
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