Tapestry 5.4.1 is a drop-in replacement for Tapestry 5.4.1 releases. To upgrade, just update the dependency in your build configuration (Maven POM, Gradle build script, etc.) – or Download the new JAR file -- and the new version will just work. However, please review the How to Upgrade instructions before upgrading.


Release Notes - Tapestry 5 - Version 5.4.1

Bugs fixed

  • [TAP5-1837] - NPE on registry startup when using tapestry.use-external-spring-context
  • [TAP5-1886] - DateField is not localized correctly
  • [TAP5-2027] - EntityManagerObjectProvider always provides the initial EntityManger proxy created
  • [TAP5-2499] - Race condition in EntityManagerSource#getEntityManagerFactory
  • [TAP5-2524] - CSS minification breaks keyframes
  • [TAP5-2525] - Tapestry-Hibernate integration incompatible with Hibernate 5.x
  • [TAP5-2526] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CaseInsensitiveMap
  • [TAP5-2529] - NullPointerException in org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.internal.util.InternalUtils.join(List)
  • [TAP5-2531] - OperationTracker doesn't report path when failing to create exception report files
  • [TAP5-2537] - ApplicationStateManagerImpl.getIfExists() fails when session is invalid (on Jetty, at least)

Dependencies upgraded

Improvements made

  • [TAP5-2033] - Grid and Zone XDOC Documentations - How to set default value for their parameters
  • [TAP5-2520] - NullPointerException in CaseInsensitiveMap
  • [TAP5-2528] - Fix typo: "classes" instead of "clashes"

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