To checkout trunk:

Using Git

Pending a VOTE

This page will become valid if the VOTE for Apache Tika to move to using Git passes.

git clone

(Deprecated) Old Method using SVN

svn checkout tika.trunk.

If you prefer git, you can clone repo mirror from github: git clone

To run all tests: mvn test

To run a single test: mvn test -Dtest=RTFParserTest -DfailIfNoTests=false

To run a single integration test: mvn verify -Dit.test=BundleIT -Dtest=non-existing-test -DfailIfNoTests=false, to run integration test building only relevant part command like mvn -am -pl tika-bundle verify -Dit.test=BundleIT -Dtest=non-existing-test -DfailIfNoTests=false could be used.

Maven (Surefire plugin) by default suppresses the stack trace when you hit a failure; if you want to see it add -Dsurefire.useFile=false to the command-line.

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