Grobid Quantities with Tika

Grobid Quantities is a Java library used to recognize any expressions of measurements (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.) in textual documents, parse, normalize and finally convert the measurements into SI units. It can be used on technical and scientific articles (text, XML and PDF input) and patents (text and XML input). To use its capabilities with Tika, one must install the server endpoint created for Grobid Quantities to extract measurement units from text passed to it.


Steps to install: Install Grobid Quantities by following the steps from github and make sure the quantity model is trained as per the instructions provided

After installing and training the model, start the REST server using the following command

Start Grobid Quantities Server

$ mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true jetty:run-war

The server starts by default on port number 8080 and the server can be seen running on

Preparing resources for Grobid Quantities in Tika-App

  1. Activate Named Entity Parser In order to use any of the NamedEntityParser implementations in Tika , the parser responsible for handling the name recognition task needs to be enabled. This can be done with Tika Config XML file, as follows
     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
             <parser class="org.apache.tika.parser.ner.NamedEntityParser">
    This configuration has to be supplied in the later phases, so store it as 'tika-config.xml'.

    2. Supply file
    It is imperative that Tika should know on what host you are running the grobid-quantities-server. By default Tika will assume your server runs on port 8080. In order to specify any other port, you must supply a file. Sample file. My file looks like the following:

    In a nutshell
     #Create a directory for keeping the config and properties file.
     export GROBID_QUANTITIES_RES=$HOME/GrobidQuantitiesRest-resources
     #config file must be stored in this directory
     export PATH_PREFIX="$GROBID_QUANTITIES_RES/org/apache/tika/parser/ner/grobid"
     mkdir -p $PATH_PREFIX
     #create and edit the properties file
     vim $PATH_PREFIX/

Running Grobid Quantities with Tika

export TIKA_APP={your/path/to/tika-app}/target/tika-app-1.13-SNAPSHOT.jar

#set the system property to use GrobidNERecogniser class
java -Dner.impl.class=org.apache.tika.parser.ner.grobid.GrobidNERecogniser -classpath $GROBID_QUANTITIES_RES:$TIKA_APP org.apache.tika.cli.TikaCLI --config=$GROBID_QUANTITIES_RES/tika-config.xml -m

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