This page contains initial design plans and will be changed.


AJP Client Tool will help to investigate issues on AJP connector in Tomcat and could even use to do some simple stress testing on AJP connector.


Deliverable Phase

  • AJP client library: Which is developed methods and classes for AJP Protocol
  • JMeter AJP connector: Handle connections between JMeter and Tomcat with AJP Protocol
  • CLI wrapper: AJP command converter
  • CLI: a command interface
  • Demo client: For the demonstrations

Command lines Options

       -T                      : Connection timeout
       -O or --output          : Output location, default on the console
       -H or --headers         : Header name and header file
       -r or --requests-file   : Set the request.xmlconfiguration file
       -rounds                 : The number of times url[s] given in the command are repeatedly fetched
       -http-version           : HTTP 1.0 or 1.1
       -query                  : parameter values
       -verbose                :
       -user-agent or -u       :
       -m or --method          : set the HTTP method
       -h or --help            :
        ** this command lines from chamith buddika's implementation


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