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This page describes the process for building the isapi_redirect.dll (mod_jk) for Windows. This is the native plug-in for IIS that provides broadly the same functionality as mod_jk does for httpd.

These instructions assume that you have configured the common build environment.  


The isapi_redirector.dll requires no other external dependencies (it does depend on PCRE but this is included in the source). Obtain the tcnative source from one of:

E.g.: To build the latest 1.2.x development build from trunk

Obtain the source code:

 cd \
 svn co tomcat-jk-1.2.x
 cd tomcat-jk-1.2.x\native\iis

Build  isapi_redirector.dll:

 c:\cmsc\setenv.bat /x86 
nmake -f Makefile.x86    c:\cmsc\setenv.bat /x64  nmake -f Makefile.amd64

Tomcat isapi_redirect DLLs may then be found in C:\tomcat-jk-1.2.x\native\iis\Release_[amd64|x86].

Construct the binary distributions    

 set VER=1.2.43
 mkdir tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis
 copy ..\..\LICENSE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis\
 copy ..\..\NOTICE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis\
 copy README tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis\
copy Release_x86\isapi_redirect.dll tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis\
 mkdir tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis
copy ..\..\LICENSE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis\  copy ..\..\NOTICE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis\  copy README tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis\
copy Release_amd64\isapi_redirect.dll tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis\
 mkdir tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-symbols
 copy ..\..\LICENSE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-symbols
copy ..\..\NOTICE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-symbols
copy Release_x86\isapi_redirect.pdb tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-symbols\
 mkdir tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-symbols
 copy ..\..\LICENSE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-symbols
copy ..\..\NOTICE tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-symbols
copy Release_amd64\isapi_redirect.pdb tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-symbols\
 SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\adopt-
 set PATH=%PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin
 cd tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-iis
 jar -cMf ..\ *
 cd ..\tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-iis
 jar -cMf ..\ *
 cd ..\tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-i386-symbols
 jar -cMf ..\ *
cd ..\tomcat-connectors-%VER%-windows-x86_64-symbols
jar -cMf ..\ *

The Windows binary distributions may then be found in C:\tomcat-jk-1.2.x\native\iis

These need to be signed and hashed before uploading for the release vote.  

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