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In some cases you will need to open ports in a firewall to allow clients from outside the cluster to connect. Here is a list of ports to consider.


Default portConfig fileConfig entryRequiredRangeProtocolComment
4200rest-site.xmltrafodion.rest.portY1RESTTrafodion REST server
4201rest-site.xmltrafodion.rest.https.portY1HTTPSTrafodion REST server (HTTPS)
23400dcs-site.xmldcs.master.portYnbinaryStart of Trafodion DCS port range (37800 for Trafodion 1.1)
24400dcs-site.xmldcs.master.info.portY1HTTPDCS master web GUI (40010 for Trafodion 1.1)
24410dcs-site.xmldcs.server.info.portYnHTTPStart of range for DCS server web GUIs (40020 for Trafodion 1.1)
50030mapred-site.xmlmapred.job.tracker.http.addressN1HTTPMapReduce job tracker web GUI
50070hdfs-site.xmldfs.http.addressN1HTTPHDFS namenode web GUI
50075hdfs-site.xmldfs.datanode.http.addressN1HTTPHDFS data node web GUI
50090hdfs-site.xmldfs.secondary.http.addressN1HTTPHDFS secondary namenode web GUI
60010hbase-site.xmlhbase.master.info.portN1HTTPHBase master web GUI
60030hbase-site.xmlhbase.regionserver.info.portN1HTTPHBase region server web GUI

There are two port ranges. 23400 is a range, to allow multiple mxosrvr processes on each node. Allow a range of a few ports, enough to cover all the servers per node that are listed in the "servers" file in the DCS configuration directory. 24410 is a range as well, enough to cover the DCS servers per node, usually 1 or 2. If you use Trafodion 1.1, then the older port numbers are 37800 and 40010. On top of that you would need the ports required by your Hadoop distro, see here and here. Most of this information comes from a script to sand-box a development install, including the major ports used. The script's name is trafodion/core/sqf/sql/scripts/install_local_hadoop.

Although not all the ports will be used on every node of the cluster, you would need to open most of them for all the nodes in the cluster that have Trafodion, HBase or HDFS servers on them.

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