Use these guidelines to help you create a feature design page in the wiki.

  1. Determine if you need to create a feature design page for your new feature. You might need to create a feature design page if your feature:
    • Has externals that need to be debated or documented in the Trafodion manuals.
    • Includes changes to the overall architecture.
    • Has a complex, interesting, or new design that needs debating or illumination.
    • Affects performance, usability, availability, manageability, or scalability.

    If your feature is small and does not meet those criteria, you may only need to provide a summary in the feature's JIRA. 

  2. Use the following template for ideas of topics to cover in your feature design page. Please copy and paste this wiki markup code into your feature design page and modify the headings as you see fit:
    ===Usage Scenarios===
    ==External Functionality==
    ===New Syntax===
    ====Command Name====
    =====Syntax Diagram=====
    ===Default Settings===
    ===Configuration File Changes===
    ===Metadata Changes===
    ===New Error Messages===
    ==Internal Design==
  3. Once you complete your feature design page, put a link to it on the Feature Architecture and Design page.
  4. Add the URL of your feature design page to the JIRA for your feature.