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StatusCompleted on May 1, 2017. For the Release Notes, see the Download page.
Release ManagerSandhya Sundaresan
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Note : This section is for the team's planning purposes only to get organized for the release. Not relevant once the release is published. Keeping for history purposes. 

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Refer to the Roadmap page for features that up for grabs or planned for future releases.


JIRA #DescriptionDevelopmentTestingDocumentationNotes
1673Implement the WITH clause in Trafodion SQL for simple use cases.Resolved   
1931ODB tool support on Windows platform.Resolved   
1988Better java exception handling in the java layer of Trafodion.Resolved   
2047Add SQL syntax support to INTERSECT.Resolved   
2060Add support for native tinyint datatype.Resolved  This also includes support for BOOLEAN and largeint unsigned. These types are not yet supported in the client drivers, see TRAFODION-2385 in the "postponed" section below.
2117Add support of SQL extension 'EXCEPT'.Resolved   
2127Enhance Trafodion implementation of WITH clause.Resolved   
2214Add support of OLAP functions LAG and LEADResolved   
2315Heuristic decision on when to use a temp table for WITH clauseResolved   
2306Trafodion configuration file (similar to hbase-site.xml)Resolved   
2414 Streamline the SQL/TM component to return error message fully to end user whenever possible.Resolved   
2067Support CDH 5.7.Resolved   


JIRA #DescriptionDevelopmentTestingDocumentationNotes
2385Add support in clients for boolean, tinyint, largeint unsigned datatypesIn progress  SQL layer has this support but the clients don't yet.
1861Support Trafodion running on CentOS 7.In progress  

This has been postponed to the next release.


Documentation Jiras

JIRA #DescriptionDevelopmentTestingDocumentationNotes
2264Messages Manual lacks descriptions for messages 4000-5999Fixed   
2283DDL Messages section in Messages Guide is out-of-date.In Progress, some subtasks fixed   
2285to_date function needs to be documented in the SQL Reference Guide.Fixed   
2394update sql reference manual about TO_CHAR functionFixed   


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