On October 21-22, 2014, we'll hold an official ATS Summit at LinkedIn's offices in Sunnyvale, CA. All developers and community participants are welcome to join! If you plan on attending, please RSVP below.

When and Where


The summit will be a two day event on Tuesday Oct 21st and Wednesday Oct 22nd, between 8:15am and ~6pm.


580 N Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Note: Please do not try to enter the building from the street side, please park in the rear of the building in the structure and then enter from the entrance directly facing the parking.



 Tuesday 10/21Wednesday 10/22






9:00amIntroductions - LeifOpening - Release management - Leif

Session 1 - Introductions to ATS core

Alan M. Carroll

Session 6 - Introduction to Traffic Control

Mark Torluemke & Matthew Bailey


Session 2 - Debugging ATS

Brian Geffon and Bryan Call

Session 7 - Testing Frameworks (Discussion)
What we have, and what we need. 

Brian Geffon and Bryan Call







Session 2 - Debugging ATS Continued.

Session 8 - HTTP/2

James Peach and Ryo Okubo

1:30pmQ & A - ATS core / Debugging ATS.

Session 3 - Edge as PaaS

Josh Blatt

3:00pmCoffee Break & Discussions

Coffee Break & Discussions


Session 4 - SSL Plugin API

Susan Hinrichs

Session 9 - Early Intervention

Alan M. Carroll


Session 5 - Linear Video with ATS

Mark Torluemke

Session 10 - TLS Session Ticket rotation
Bin Zeng and Brian G.

5:00pmSession 11 - Hashing and Containers
Alan M. Carroll

Free Time

Closing remarks - Leif



Free Time



Steins Beer Garden, Mnt View

Sponsor: Yahoo!


Remote participation

Free Time

Suggestions for activities during Free Time and Lunches:

  • Get your GPG keys signed!
  • Ask questions and discuss problems, features, and other concerns.
  • Socialize!


Session 1 - Introduction to ATS core

This is a brief introductions to the cores of ATS, laying a foundation of understanding how ATS works under the hood. The target audience are both users and developers.

Presenter: Alan M. Carroll

Session 2 - Debugging ATS

Building on top of the previous topic, the Br[iy]ans will go into details on how to debug ATS. Topics include

  • Tracing, slowlog
  • Generating core files, and stack traces (demangle C++ symbols!)
  • Tweaking configurations for debugging
  • ETC.

Presenters: Brian Geffon and Bryan Call

Session 3 - Testing Frameworks

TBD (Brian and Bryan and amc, please fill this)

PresentersBrian Geffon and Bryan Call

Session 4 - SSL Plugin API

As Traffic Server becomes more involved in  proxying SSL communication, there is the need for more control of the SSL processing.  For 5.2, we have committed extensions to provide plugin hooks before the SSL handshake starts and during the SNI callback. We also added the ability for the plugin to indicate that the SSL session should not be proxied but be blind tunneled.

Using these API additions, we created an experimental dynamic certificate loader. Further, we can experiment with different means of expressing how SSL connections should be processed (e.g., which certs should be used based on provided cipher suites or client IP addresses).  There are many other things that could be done. What would be useful and what are our priorities?

 Presenter: Susan Hinrichs

Session 5 - Linear Video with ATS

An overview of the tools Comcast uses to simulate real-world network conditions when testing ABR video. Also, a deep-dive into the test scenarios and test results of a recent testing effort that focused on linear video. If you care about fragmented video, this is not a session you will want to miss. :).

Presenter: Mark Torluemke

Session 6 - Introduction to Traffic Control

A demo of a CDN control plane developed at Comcast and an update on the effort to open source it.

PresenterMark Torluemke & Matthew Bailey

Session 7 - Edge as PaaS

We're starting work on what we call our Edge PaaS based on ATS.   Initially we're talking about RESTful services that configure ATS to do things like incremental upgrades (incrementally shifting traffic from old to new versions of a service with some sort of cookie-based hash so users don't randomly bounce back and forth across old and new versions of the system), bucket testing, purging cached entities, etc.   We'd like to see this grown into a full-blown multi-tenanted system where different ATS plugins can be isolated from each other, introduce elasticity/a work conserving scheduler, etc.

This would not be a talk about ATS itself but rather about a system that uses ATS, so I'm not sure if it's appropriate for the summit.   If it is please let me know, we'd be happy to present the design, consider taking on additional requirements, etc

 Presenter: Josh Blatt

Session 8 - HTTP/2 aka H2

We would like to talk about around HTTP/2 feature that’s proposed at TS-2729:

  • Current progress of my HTTP/2 implementation and future works

  • Mechanism of backposting to origin server. Current SPDY implementation uses FetchSM. Should we continue to use it?

Presenters: James Peach and Ryo Okubo

Session 9 - Early Intervention

As an outgrowth of Susan and James' work on SSL, we would like to provide a wider variety of hooks very early in the transaction. In effect this is a generalization of the SSL hooks. This is an design for future work, to set the style of how this should be done. I will discuss promoting the Accept objects to be API visible and go through the implementation details of the current protocol probing.

Presenter: Alan M. Carroll

Session 10 - TLS Session Ticket rotation

TBD (Brian and Bin, please fill in)

Presenters: Bin Zeng and Brian Geffon

Session 11 - Hashing and Containers

With the arrival of the Concurrency Kit and work that Phil, Brian, and I have done on hashing, we need to be explicit about how to start using a fixed set of containers and phase out obsolete ones (particularly TCL). I will talk about what's in ATS now and how it is expected to be used

PresenterAlan M. Carroll


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