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This is a brief outline of the Labels in JIRA that we like to use. Remember that it's acceptable, even encouraged, to use more than one label when appropriate. However, don't overload labels with the Components field, e.g. there's no reason to label a bug "Documentation" when the component is already "Docs'.

Also, this is an evolving document, feel free to add and edit as necessary.


These issues are clear regressions from previous versions. E.g. if you are sure that a feature / behavior works as you expect in v5.3.0, but does not in v6.0.0, then that is a regression.


These issues are serious problems causing the Traffic Server processes to crash.


ASan, or Address Sanitizer, is a compiler tool to find memory problems at runtime.


Coverity is a static code analyzer, used to identify bugs before they even get into release or run-time.


These JIRAs have API changes or additions, and should in general also have a Review label.


Issues that are at risk of breaking backward compatibility. This generally means it has to be moved out to the next major release.


Newbie issues are expected to be easy to fix, such that developers new to the project can easily contribute.


Like Newbie issues, except even simpler, or even trivial.

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