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Logging System improvement, here is some random thoughts on logging system and long term roadmap lines.

what is the situation?

  • the codes is a mess:
    1. TS-58: should we make something more unify? between Diagnostic logging and Transaction logging.
    2. TS-57 TS-698: IP addr should be handled specially in the logging, also need to check IPV6 complaint.
    3. TS-2106: Our plugin code uses all kinds of formats for logging and debugging, we need to unify these.
  • issues that had been resolved:
    1. collation server performance FIXED
    2. TS-896: log collation reporting Host down FIXED
    3. TS-168: we need to wipe out the codes in the patch, revert to the very begin. we need a good point for start FIXED
    4. TS-777, TS-2063: Increasing logbuffer size makes us "drop" log entries FIXED

what is our target:

  • when the logging is a very baseline for business accounting, we need to make sure it is working at any release and work well at any pressure with all kinds of custom requirements.

we are doing now, and planning:

  • cleanup the codes, and fix long standing bugs that will make functional issues.
  • thinking about future roadmap for logging.

what is he long term feature roadmap for logging:

  • support on gzip on binary logging?

Questions and confusing:

  • we need more user cases for feed back, what we need to do?
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