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Regressions Tests

Regressions can be run via the -R and -r commands to the traffic_server executable. The -R command specifies the regression level as documented in libinktomi++/Regression.h (e.g. -R1 for QUICK). The -r command permits a subset of the regressions matching the provided Regex to be run (e.g. -r"cache*" for all cache related regressions).

More information can be found in the headers:

  • libinktomi++/Regression.h
  • proxy/RegressionSM.h

The latter provides for sequencing and parallel execution of regression state machines.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are run via the 'make test' target and are stored the source tree in files named test_XXX where XXX is a particular unit to be tested. Each of these should generate a standalone executable to execute the unit test. Success is indicated by exit(0) and failure by exit(X) where X != 0. Appropriate error messages should be printed to stderr on error and otherwise the test should be silent. Debugging messages should depend on optional command line arguments.

For examples, please see:

  • libinktomi++/test_*
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