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This page documents the requirements and special instructions for building Traffic Server on Ubuntu. For more details about the configuration process, plesae refer to the Installation and Configuration page.

Ubuntu 14 - 15

Generally you use apt-get to get the dependencies for you:

The packages you will get for apt-get build-dep are:

Unfortunately hwloc and libunwind are not included in the default dependencies list for 14.04 as of now, you can install them with apt-get:

Ubuntu 12.x - 13.x

The following packages must be installed:

It's also recommended that the following packages are installed, but they are not required (and they come pre-installed on many systems):

To enable WCCP you will need flex and bison. These should be recent enough to work.


To use Git, you must install the appropriate packages:

For more details how to use Git with our source, please see our Git page.

configure and build

For more details, see the Building page

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Missing ldconfig in make install

    You must perform manual.

    Otherwise it can not find the shared libraries.

    Ubuntu 12.04