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Deprecated features

  • Clustering - It was decided that other mechanisms could be used to do cache clustering, such as parent cache or using the carp plugin
  • ICP (Internet Cache Protocol) - There were bug with ICP and it was decided that they are better protocols or using parent cache or using the carp plugin would be better
  • SPDY - SPDY Protocol was remove, people should be using HTTP/2 now

API changes

  • The TSHttpTxnIsInternal() API has changed signature, such that it now returns an integer, 0 or 1. This is an incompatible change, so if your code uses this API, make sure you change and recompile accordingly. 

Logging Configuration

  • logs_xml.config filename was renamed to logging.config

  • Format for logging.config changed from XML to Lua

Statistic/Metric Configuration

  • Format for metrics.config changed from XML to Lua


  • The cache format in this release is compatible with previous 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x releases.

New configuration defaults (changes since 6.2.0)

  • Only logging to the log file for these configurations options, syslog logging was turned off  - default value is not "L" and before it was "SL" 
    • proxy.config.diags.output.error
    • proxy.config.diags.output.fatal
    • proxy.config.diags.output.emergency
  • proxy.config.http.server_ports default value of "8080" was changed to "8080 8080:ipv6"
  • proxy.config.hostdb.timeout default value of "1440" was changed to "86400"
  • proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_in default value changed from 115 to 120
  • proxy.config.http2.no_activity_timeout_in default value changed from 115 to 120
  • proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.time default value change from 240 to 0
  • proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.probability default value change from .005 to .0

Configuration options removed

  • proxy.node.num_processes
  • proxy.config.ssl.compression
  • proxy.config.ssl.number.threads
  • proxy.config.system.mmap_max
  • proxy.config.stats.enable_lua
  • proxy.config.hostdb.size
  • proxy.config.hostdb.storage_size
  • proxy.config.http.enable_url_expandomatic
  • proxy.config.http.anonymize_insert_client_ip was renamed to proxy.config.http.insert_client_ip
  • proxy.config.dns.url_expansions
  • proxy.config.log.xml_config_file was renamed to proxy.config.log.config.filename and the default changed from logs_xml.config to logging.config (see Logging Configuration above)
  • proxy.config.ssl.SSLv2
  • proxy.config.icp.*
  • proxy.config.spdy.*
  • proxy.config.http2.enabled - http2 is enabled by default now

Statistics/Metrics removed

  • Removed the pct metrics, these can be calculated programmatically outside of ATS
  • proxy.cluster.*
  • proxy.config.spdy.*


  • Presentation from the Traffic Control 2018 summit. This discusses the process that Comcast went through in doing their 6.x to 7.x upgrades. Includes the list of items to check for as well as help on doing cacheurl to cachekey conversions
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