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Deprecated features

  • Clustering - It was decided that other mechanisms could be used to do cache clustering, such as parent cache or using the carp plugin
  • ICP (Internet Cache Protocol) - There were bug with ICP and it was decided that they are better protocols or using parent cache or using the carp plugin would be better
  • SPDY - SPDY Protocol was remove, people should be using HTTP/2 now

API changes

  • The TSHttpTxnIsInternal() API has changed signature, such that it now returns an integer, 0 or 1. This is an incompatible change, so if your code uses this API, make sure you change and recompile accordingly. 

Logging Configuration

  • logs_xml.config filename was renamed to logging.config

  • Format for logging.config changed from XML to Lua

Statistic/Metric Configuration

  • Format for metrics.config changed from XML to Lua


  • The cache format in this release is compatible with previous 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x releases.

New configuration defaults (changes since 6.2.0)

  • Only logging to the log file for these configurations options, syslog logging was turned off  - default value is not "L" and before it was "SL" 
    • proxy.config.diags.output.error
    • proxy.config.diags.output.fatal
    • proxy.config.diags.output.emergency
  • proxy.config.http.server_ports default value of "8080" was changed to "8080 8080:ipv6"
  • proxy.config.hostdb.timeout default value of "1440" was changed to "86400"
  • proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_in default value changed from 115 to 120
  • proxy.config.http2.no_activity_timeout_in default value changed from 115 to 120
  • proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.time default value change from 240 to 0
  • proxy.config.http.cache.fuzz.probability default value change from .005 to .0

Configuration options removed

  • proxy.node.num_processes
  • proxy.config.ssl.compression
  • proxy.config.ssl.number.threads
  • proxy.config.system.mmap_max
  • proxy.config.stats.enable_lua
  • proxy.config.hostdb.size
  • proxy.config.hostdb.storage_size
  • proxy.config.http.enable_url_expandomatic
  • proxy.config.http.anonymize_insert_client_ip was renamed to proxy.config.http.insert_client_ip
  • proxy.config.dns.url_expansions
  • proxy.config.log.xml_config_file was renamed to proxy.config.log.config.filename and the default changed from logs_xml.config to logging.config (see Logging Configuration above)
  • proxy.config.ssl.SSLv2
  • proxy.config.icp.*
  • proxy.config.spdy.*
  • proxy.config.http2.enabled - http2 is enabled by default now

Statistics/Metrics removed

  • Removed the pct metrics, these can be calculated programmatically outside of ATS
  • proxy.cluster.*
  • proxy.config.spdy.*


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