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Deprecated features

  • traffic_cop has been removed.  This removes the health checks that traffic_cop was making against traffic_server.  Most installations were already performing health checks against traffic_server.
  • Removed metrics.config
  • Removed plugins
    • epic
    • ats_pagespeed
    • coallapsed_connection
  • congestion.config - The separate congestion control feature has been removed.  There are more specific congestion management features controlled in records.config specifically, proxy.config.http.server_max_connections, and proxy.config.http.origin_max_connections.

API changes


  • The cache format in this release is compatible with previous 6.x, and 7.x releases


  • New configuration defaults (changes since 7.x)

  • New configuration options

    • proxy.config.http.post_copy_size - added to buffer POST bodies when the follow redirect feature is enabled (proxy.config.http.number_of_redirections > 0).  It the POST body exceeds this value a warning message will be printed in diags.log and the POST will fail to the client.

Statistics/Metrics removed

  • Removed metrics.config and all related stats


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