These are the highlights of new features or additions to existing features in 8.0.0. For the complete list of all changes see this Github PR list.


New Features

  • Proxy protocol v1 incoming connection support

  • Moving to YAML for configuration
    • Logging configuration - logging.yaml
    • SSL/TLS incoming and outgoing configuration - ssl_server_name.yaml
    • more configuration files to be converted in the future
  • SNI Config enables configuration of inbound and outbound TLS attributes on a per server name basis.  This feature is configured via ssl_server_name.config.
  • Openssl ASYNC_*_job support available during TLS handshake.  Enabled via proxy.config.ssl.async.handshake.enabled.  Crypto engines can be specified via an openssl.cnf file specifed in proxy.config.ssl.engine.conf_file.
  • External manipulation of the cache via the Cache Tool.
  • Body factory now supports default per custom set.
  • Remap address specifications can now be in CIDR notation.
  • Graceful shutdown.  The "--drain" option is added on traffic_ctl server restart and stop.

Deprecated Features

Future Deprecated Features

  • None

New Configuration Options

New Log Fields

  • crec - error code which TS received
  • ctec - error code which TS transmitted
  • crsc - Cache Result Sub-Code. More specific code to complement the Cache Result Code.

New Metrics

New Promoted Plugins

  • cache_promote - provides a means to control when an object should be allowed to enter the cache
  • cachekey -  allows some common cache key manipulations based on various HTTP request components
  • luaimplement ATS plugin by writing Lua script instead of C code
  • escalate - try an alternate origin when the origin server in the remap rule is either unavailable or returns specific HTTP error codes

New Plugins (in experimental)

Existing Plugins

  • The existing plugins were updated to be more stylistically correct and be better examples.
  • header_rewrite - the INBOUND condition was added.

Developer Notices

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