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These are the highlights of new features or additions to existing features in 7.0.0. For the complete list of all changes see this JIRA Release Notes.


New Features

  • HTTP/2 Server Push support added - requires a plugin and calling an API, there is an example plugin

  • HTTP/2 is enabled by default
  • IPv6 enabled by default


Deprecated Features

  • Clustering - It was decided that other mechanisms could be used to do cache clustering, such as parent cache or using the carp plugin
  • ICP (Internet Cache Protocol) - There were bug with ICP and it was decided that they are better protocols or using parent cache or using the carp plugin would be better
  • SPDY - SPDY Protocol was removed, people should be using HTTP/2 now

Future Deprecated Features

  • None

New Configuration Options

  • proxy.config.cop.active_health_checks
  • proxy.config.memory.max_usage
  • proxy.config.http.strict_uri_parsing
  • proxy.config.hostdb.max_size
  • proxy.config.hostdb.partitions
  • proxy.config.hostdb.max_count

New Metrics

  • None

New Promoted Plugins


  • AuthProxy - Delegates the authorization decision of a request to an external HTTP service.
  • Background Fetch - Proactively fetch content from Origin in a way that it will fill the object into cache. 
  • ESI - Implements the Edge Side Includes (ESI) specification.
  • Generator - Generate arbitrary response data for testing/benchmarking.
  • Regex Revalidate - Configurable rules for forcing cache object revalidations using regular expressions.
  • AWS S3 Authentication - Support for Amazon S3 authentication features.
  • XDebug - Allows HTTP clients to debug the operation of the Traffic Server cache using the X-Debug header.


New Plugins (in experimental)

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