• These are the highlights of new features or additions to existing features in v5.0.x. For the complete list of all changes see this JIRA Release Notes.


SPDY is now implemented in core Traffic Server. SPDY is supported for both TLS (encrypted) and non-TLS access. Protocol sniffing is used to detect SPDY for non-encrypted connections and for TLS connections that do not do NPN negotiations. SPDY versions 3.0 and 3.1 are supported.

As part of this work the custom logging format tags pitag and piid were added to make it possible to log SPDY related information.

Cache Backwards Compatiility

Traffic Server can now run on caches created by previous versions of Traffic Server back to version 3.2.0. This is done by run time conversions when an object is read from the cache. All data written to the cache is written in the current cache format. Over time a cache will gradually be converted to more recent formats. Interally, objects are now written out with version information per object to make future compatibility easier. This means that although the cache format changed for 5.1.x, this should not invalidate any 5.0.X cache.

Backwards compatibilty for the cache will not be indefinitely extended. Traffic Server may remove support for cache formats that are for version of Traffic Server that are past end of support.

Server Session Sharing

Traffic Server supports sharing server sessions between clients. Previously this was done only for requests that matched both the fully qualified domain name and IP address. This remains the default but can be adjusted to match on either the IP address or the FQDN only.

Sessions with auth headers can be placed in to the server session pool.

Jira: TS-2902

Transparency Hardening

The use of the client target address for the server address has been changed. The client supplied address is now checked against DNS results and if it does not match the request is not cached. The old (potenially unsafe) behavior can be restored by setting proxy.config.http.use_client_target_addr to the value ``2``.

Jira: TS-2954


Several improvements for secure transport were made

Handling of ECDSA certificates was improved

Jira: TS-2893

The cipher suite and protocol used by ATS as a client are now configurable

Jira: TS-2924

SNI can be set for outbound connections from ATS

Jira: TS-2802

sslheaders plugin added to inject information about connections in to the HTTP headers

Jira: TS-2957

OCSP is now supported

Jira: TS-2367

New Plugins


SSL Headers

Minor Changes

traffic_line can now do VIA string decoding.


  traffic_line --decode_via <via-string-here>

Jira: TS-2904

Many potential bugs were fixed by using Co-Verity and clang static checks.

A lot of work was done at a mini-summit during the summer

Jira: TS-1475

Support for TOS setting on TCP sockets.

Jira: TS-2995

Log filters on IP fields works

Log fields that are IP address can be used for log filters. This can be done per IP address or by range

Jira: TS-698

Base string for stripe assignment allocation is now configurable

This is a maintenance feature to help preserve the cache when the operating system paths to the storage devices changes.

Jira: TS-3000

Developer Changes

  • xptr was removed and replaced with ats_scoped_str, ats_scoped_obj and ats_scoped_ptr for temporarily or contingently allocated resources.
  • The Doc header was changed to store per object version information.
  • traffic_manager was moved to the cmd directory.
  • libutils was merged in to libmgmt.
  • WebMgmtUtils moved to libmgmt.

5.1.1 Security Update

Due to security issues in 5.1.0, a possibly incompatible change was made to 5.1.1.

CVE-2014-3566 details a security vulnerability in SSL v3. Traffic Server was updated to disable SSL v3 in the default configuration. Explicit administrator action is required to enable user agents to use SSL v3 to connect to Traffic Server. SSL v3 is a very old protocol and should not be used and Traffic Server recommends leaving SSL v3 disabled.

CVW-2014-3624 details a potential Traffic Server vulnerability due to a change in how remap works This error has been fixed (TS-2677) in version 5.1.1 and requires no action on the part of the administrator beyond installing 5.1.1.

5.1.2 Security Update

Due to security issues in 5.1.1 a 5.1.2 release has been issued. It should require no changes to replace 5.1.1.



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