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Welcome to the Turbine Wiki

Welcome to the Turbine Project Wiki pages. Here you'll find documentation, FAQs, and other items for Turbine and all its subprojects.

You are invited to contribute to these pages. Due to excessive spamming, we were forced to limit access to the wiki. So if you want to contribute, just contact us with the name of your wiki account and we will be happy to give access to you.

What is Turbine?

Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers to quickly build web applications. Turbine allows you to use personalize the web sites and to use user logins to restrict access to parts of your application.

The best place to get started with Turbine is to visit Turbine Home Page. For questions you can browse or search the Turbine mailing list archive or post to an appropriate list.

Main Releases


  • Fulcrum Components - Fulcrum is a services framework and its components are used by Turbine Core by default (Security, Pool, Parser, Factory, Crypto, Yaafi) or optionally included (nonetheless very useful) e.g. JSON and XML-RPC. Fulcrum was developed as part of the Turbine Framework. The intent behind Fulcrum is to allow Turbine's services to be used even outside of the Turbine framework.
  • Turbine and Fulcrum projects use Turbine Parent Pom in Maven Build.



To learn more about any of the projects below, please click on the appropriate.  link:

Previous Releases

Turbine 2/3, META, Torque, JCS, Stratum, Maven

  • Turbine 2 - Version 2 of the Turbine project. The latest release version of this branch is 2.3.3. The release version has proved to have production quality.
  • Turbine 3 - Version 3 of the Turbine project. Development of version 3 has halted - it was an experimental version, the best bits of which have now been ported back to version 2.
  • TDK - The Turbine Development Kit (TDK) is a package that bundles a copy of Turbine, Tomcat, jar files, documentation and other utilities in order to help you get started with Turbine as quickly as possible. The installation steps outlined below should have you up and running quickly. The [ is no longer being developed, as well as META. You should now checkout Turbine Archetype Blog.
  • META - The Maven Environment for Turbine Application (M.E.T.A.) helped you to write Turbine applications. You should now checkout the Turbine Archetype Blog.
  • Torque Wiki  - Torque is a persistence layer which generates all the database resources required by your application and includes a runtime environment to run the generated classes. Torque was developed as part of the Turbine Framework. It is now decoupled and can be used by itself. Torque started life as a Turbine sub-project, but is no longer part of Turbine - it now lives in Apache DB.
  • JCS is a distributed caching system written in java for server-side java applications. It came into the ASF as a Turbine sub-project, it is now a direct sub-project of Apache Commons JCS.
  • Stratum another retired sub-project.
  • Maven started life as a Turbine sub-project.


Board Reports


  • ApacheCon07EU - who is going, thoughts on what might be achieved.

TLP Proposal

  • TLPTurbine - the proposal for Turbine to become a Top Level Project (TLP) of the ASF. This went to the ASF board on May 15, 2007 and was passed, thus making Turbine a TLP of the ASF.

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