Turbine 2.x User's Guide: Contributing

Content for the Turbine 2 User's Guide will progess through a series of stages:

  1. Rought-draft content here on this wiki:
    • As you see things that need to be added to, changed, or removed from the User's Guide, make a note of it here. If nobody seems to notice, kindly send a message to the turbine-user list.
  2. Stable, acceptable content still on the wiki:
    • As many people read and edit the content, it will eventually become stable enough to migrate into less flexible but more official documentation on the Turbine website.
  3. Official documentation on the Turbine website:
    • Somebody will offer to migrate a given piece of stable content into the official website's version of the Turbine 2 User's Guide. Any wiki content that has been migrated will be replaced with a note, date, and a link to its new location. People can continue to improve the official content by making notes in the original wiki location just as before.
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