Turbine 2.x User's Guide: Turbine in a Production Environment

The following is a brief summary of the changes you should make to your application when moving from development to production. It is recommended that a staging site be used to verify the correct operation of your application after these changes are made. Note that this is based on some notes I scratched down many months ago - the information below needs to be verified and expanded upon.

Unless indicated, all properties referred to are found in TurbineResources.properties.

  • Logging: Update your logging configuration so that it no longer logs items relevant only to development (e.g. set logging levels to something higher than "debug"). You may also want to configure logging such that any errors that occur are emailed to you.
  • Mail server: Set the mail.server property to the correct value for your production server.
  • Module cache: Set the module.cache property to "true" and tune the *.cache.size properties for your application.
  • Database configuration: The database configuration for your production server will no doubt be different than for your development server (most likely also for your staging server, so test this when production is live).
  • Session timeout: You may want to update the session.timeout property to use a different value from that provided by the production servlet container.
  • Global cache service: You may want to tune the services.GlobalCache'*_Service.cache.check.frequency property.
    • Template service:* The_ services.TemplateService.*.cache.size_ properties should be tuned for your application.
    • Pull service refresh:* In a production environment you should set the_ services.PullService.tools.per.request.refresh_ property to "false".
    • Velocity configuration:* For a production environment you should set_ services.VelocityService.velocimacro.library.autoreload_ to "false".
    • Scheduler service:_' It may be necessary to alter the configuration of your scheduled jobs in your production environment, the timing, frequency and jobs that execute may need to be different from your development environment.

Please feel free to add to the above.

ScottEade 2003-04-07

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