DAS Java M2 Release (Nov 20th, 2006)

Tuscany DAS is an implementation of a DAS RDB (relational database) with following key features :

  • DAS Core features
    • MySQL support
    • Static Data Objects
    • Dynamic root for static graphs
    • "Unique" attribute on relationships
    • Explicit ResultSet shape definition
    • Improved logging
    • Programmatic Configuration
    • Helper for empty SDO Graph
    • Convention over configuration
      • Column named "ID" is the PK
      • Column named "xxx_ID" is the FK to table "xxx"
  • DAS Samples
    • Tomcat integration and automated DAS samples testing (htmlUnit)
    • DAS Samples now have all dependencies and source code inside the sample war

Download DAS Java M2


Linux / Mac OS X / Unix

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