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SCA Java Documentation for 1.x

Getting Started with Tuscany

These guides help you to get setup in Tuscany, develop and run a simple application using comand line or Eclipse.

SCA Introduction

provides a quick introduction to SCA and links to the SCA specifications
Introduction to SCA

Tuscany SCA User Guide

These guides provide the following information:

  • How to develop and run applications using Tuscany in a single node or multi node environment
    User Guide
  • What are the available Tuscany extensions and how to use them? This includes bindings, impelementation types, interface types, policies, databindings.
    Extension Guide
  • Available development and management tools for Tuscany
    SCA Java Tools Guides
Tuscany SCA Extension Development Guides

Although Tuscany provides many extensions, you might be interested to add an extension that is not available today. This guide helps you understand how to develop extensions such
as new bindings, implementation types, interfaces, policies, etc.

(lightbulb) You are welcome to contribute these new extensions to Tuscany and make them available to others in the community.

Tuscany SCA Java Development Guides

These guides help you learn more about Tuscany architecture and how to get involved in the
development of Tuscnay. We look forward to your help.