Getting Involved with Apache Tuscany - Welcome!

Getting involved in the project is easy. First, any help is welcome and we are excited to help you come on board. Here are some suggestions for how you can get involved in Apache Tuscany.

  • Tuscany consists of several subprojects. Identify what areas you are interested in. Take a look at samples for that area.
  • Subscribe to the mailing list. If you are interested to get involved at the user level, subscribe to user mailing list. If you are interested to get involved in the development of Tuscany, subscribe to the developer list. Rememer that you can always unsubscribe later.
  • Help answer questions posted to the user mailing list for areas that you are familiar with. Your real usage experience can be very valueable to other users as well as developers on the project.
  • Would like to get invovled in development? Have new ideas? Start with the mailing list and share your thoughts.
  • Contribute to feature developement. Just let the community know what you'd like to work on. It is as easy as that.
  • Identify JIRAsin the area that you are interested in and provide patches.
  • Contribute to the user or developer documentation or website. Make your update on the on the Tuscany Wiki, create a JIRA and attach the link for your update.
  • If in doubt about where to start, send a note to the mailing list and mention your area of interest. Any questions is welcomed. We'd like you to be involved!
  • If you are new to open source and would like to learn more about how to work in open source, check this page.
  • Provide feedback: What is working well? What is missing? Get involved in creating software that addresses real pain points in SOA. Any help is good. Be part of the community.

You can get a quick overview of many Tuscany information resources by watching the video "A Tour of the Tuscany Information Resources", Vcasmo site (password tuscany), You Tube.


The Tuscany community also gets together on IRC. The IRC server is and the channel is #tuscany.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help is a good source of information on understanding IRC chats.
The following are some IRC chat clients:

If you are not familiar with Apache, you can read more about how Apache works at this link.

Open CSA (SCA standards)

The SCA specifications which are implemented by Tuscany have moved to OASIS for formal
standardization. This is being done as a series of OASIS technical
committees, each dealing with one or more of aspects of the SCA specifications.

The OASIS activities are carried out in public. You can either observe the activities in the various technical committees, or join one or more of the committees to contribute to.

There are 6 SCA technical committees and by clicking on the links below you can find information about how to join as an observer or contributor. You will also have access to the minutes of meetings of the meetings on the same page.

  • OASIS SCAPolicy TC:Defining an SCA policy framework to simplify SOA application development
  • OASIS SCA Bindings TC:Standardizing bindings for SCA services and references to communication protocols, technologies and frameworks
  • OASIS SCA BPEL TC:Specifying how SCA component implementations for SOA can be written using BPEL

Each OASIS SCA TC mailing list archives can be found here:

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