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Tuscany SDO Java

Tuscany SDO Java implements SDO 2.1 specification and is complemented with utility APIs that further extend the functionality.

The project's code base includes the following:

  • Dynamic data object support
  • Static code generation (recently updated to remove the externalised EMF dependency aspects)
  • Scoping of Types using XMLHelper, XSDHelper, DataFactory, CopyHelper, EqualityHelper implementations.
  • ChangeSummary support for both the DataGraphs and DataObjects
  • Example programs

Tuscany provides a relational data access service (RDB DAS) that works with SDO Java. More DAS implementations are underway.

SDO Community Test Suite

The SDO community test suite stands separately from the Tuscany Implementation of SDO subproject. It is a collaborative effort by SDO community to provide a set of tests that exercise any SDO 2.1 implementation. Learn more about SDO CTS and how to get involved at this link