This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
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Apache Tuscany Wiki

Welcome to the Apache Tuscany wiki. The Tuscany community is working to create a robust and easy to use infrastructure that simplifies the development of service-based application networks and addresses real business problems posed in SOA.

If you landed here expecting to find the main Tuscany website you should look here.

This wiki is a separate community-supported resource. The information in this Tuscany wiki space is not included in the Tuscany website nor is it included in any of the Tuscany software distributions. It is maintained as a space for use by the community for sharing thoughts and developing ideas.

To contribute to the wiki space, simply create a CWIKI Confluence account.

Updating The Project Website

The project website is written and maintained using Confluence, the same application that provides this wiki. If you look at the Tuscany website space you will see the Confluence space that holds all of the web site pages. The pages are exported from there to the website when changes are made. The Tuscany website space is configured so that it is only editable by Apache Tuscany committers. However anyone can propose a change or submit content in the same way that they would propose a change to the project Java or C++ source code.

As you will find out when you edit this wiki the Confluence system provides a specific set of tags to generate a page's look and feel. So to edit a page from the Tuscany website you can copy it to this wiki, edit it, preview it until you are happy and attach the changed page to a JIRA.

Here's what to do:

Proposing A Change To The Project Website

  1. Find the page you want to edit in the Tuscany website space
  2. Grab the source code for that page (From the "Info" tab select the "View Source" link)
  3. Paste the page source into this wiki. There is a copy of the website pages here intended for user when preparing pages for the website. If you drop the source you have just copied to the right place in this set of pages you should get the correct menus displayed which makes it easier to get the layout to your liking. Be warned, there is no automatic synchronization of the Tuscany website space to this wiki so it's good practice to always copy the page you want to change from the Tuscany website space before you start.
  4. Make changes and preview the page as much as you like.
  5. When you are happy take a copy of the resulting source for the page (From the "Info" tab select the "View Source" link again) and attach it to a JIRA indicating which page it is that you are changing.

Adding New Content To The Project Website

If you have created a new page in this wiki that you would like to see in the website then:

  1. Take a copy of the resulting source for the page (From the "Info" tab select the "View Source" link again) and attach it to a JIRA indicating where you would like it to appear in the hierarchy of website pages.

Tuscany Technical Notes

SCA Java

Backward Compatibility
Bnding Multiplicity
Binding URI Construction
Build Processing
Composite Application Deployment with SCA Domain
Contribution Processing
Request Response Binding
Databinding Scope
Java EE Integration
Reference Resolution
Policy Implementation
Runtime Phases
Spring TODOs
Tuscany Runtime Launching
WS Binding
SCA Binding
Asynch Infrastructure

Conformance Testing
SCA Java Spec Verification Testing

Java SCA Roadmap


SCA Native

Native Model


Tuscany Samples Questions
Tuscany Samples Requirements

Other Top Level Wiki Pages

As yet there is no particular structure to this wiki. Here are some top level pages to get us going.

Equinox Branch Merge
Tuscany Website Pages In Preparation
Distributed Runtime Notes
Articles About Tuscany
Tuscany Papers In Preparation
Tuscany Presentations, Conferences, Education
SDO Java Documentation in Preparation
R1.1 Samples
R1.3 Checklist
SCA Java Tools
SCA Java Spec Verification Testing
Tuscany Feature Categories
Build Status