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  • JCas design, v3, separate data and cover classes
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This collects design thoughts for an approach for JCas v3, which has the following aspects:

  • Separate the JCas aspect which gives java-like reference to data, from the storage of the data
  • Have a general purpose class instance that stores the data for one FeatureStructure
    • has two arrays
      • of ints - for storing primitive data
      • of references to Java Objects for storing everything else
      • arrays might be variable length if useful, otherwise fixed length (set upon creation of instance).
    • has ref to TypeImpl instance (and from that, to supertypes, etc.
    • has ref to JCas cover class instance (if it exists, or a super type, if it exists)
    • has "id" for backwards compatibility (dense)
  • Have optional JCas classes for Java friendly by name reference to the UIMA type and features.
    • similar to how it is now


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