February 2009 VCL Incubator status report

VCL has been incubating since December 2008

VCL is a framework for doing cloud management of physical and virtual machines

  • Community
    There has been discussion on the vcl-dev list about how to handle JIRA issues, discussion on development and design of various aspects of VCL, the role of parts of the database component of VCL and how to use it, and whether or not having design meetings via phone conference are a good idea.

Discussion about using the name VCL has not resumed; so, that issue has not yet been resolved.

  • Source Code is being actively contributed
  • Plans have started to use Confluence to manage the main website documentation
  • As current users of VCL report bugs and request features, we are pointing them to JIRA to create an account and file bugs/feature requests there
  • Creation of these reports has migrated from one of the project mentors to the contributing community - we're developing a process to ensure these are submitted on time in the future.
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