May 2009 VCL Incubator status report

VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a framework for doing cloud management of physical and virtual machines.

Project Name

  • Discussion about using the name VCL has continued but the issue has not been resolved.
  • A question was posed on the legal discussion list regarding the use of the VCL name.  A response was givin indicating that NCSU should make it obvious that both the VCL name and code are donated to the ASF.
  • NCSU is working to make it obvious on its website that VCL is developed at the ASF.
  • The development community is working to remove references to NCSU from the VCL code.
  • More guidance is required from the project mentors or others from ASF in order to resolve this issue.


  • Code development has continued and many commits have been made to the ASF VCL repository.
  • The vcl-dev list is actively being used to discuss development issues.
  • The Jira issue system is being used for tracking and to plan the first release.

Release Preparation

  • The development community is researching the ASF release process.
  • Work is being done to complete a few Jira issues before creating release.


  • The community decided to use a Confluence wiki for the project documentation.
  • Work has been done to organize project documentation.
  • Documentation is actively being contributed to wiki.
  • Questions were asked of the mentors regarding the rules governing wiki contributions from individuals who have not signed the CLA. It is the community's understanding that a separate wiki will be needed -- one for official documentation included with releases and one containing contributions from individual who have not signed the CLA.
  • A request has been made to one of the mentors who had offered to create a 2nd wiki instance.
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