VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a cloud computing platform for the management of physical and virtual machines.

Community Involvement

  • We are very excited to introduce a new committer, David Hutchins.
  • As stated in the previous report, the Apache VCL community continues to grow. We're seeing more people start to contribute to our online documentation and file JIRA issues.
  • We continue to see growing interest in the VCL project from a variety of locations. Several others have submitted patches. 

Plans for next Release

  • The next release is scheduled toward the end of February. This will be a dot release (VCL 2.2.1) to fix a few bugs and add improved code for handling virtual machines. The 2.3 release is planned for late spring.

Top Issues Before Graduation

  • Continue to increase contributors from multiple institutions.
  • Discuss next steps for Graduation with mentors.

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