VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a cloud computing platform for the management of physical and virtual machines.

Community Involvement

  • As stated in the previous report, the Apache VCL community continues to grow. We're seeing more people start to contribute to our online documentation and file JIRA issues. We're also starting to see more patches attached to JIRA issues.
  • We continue to see growing interest in the VCL project from a variety of locations.


  • We cut a new release that was primarily for bugfixes. Apache VCL 2.2.1 was released on April 8th, 2011. In our last report, we stated that we had hoped to get it out by the end of February. Other duties of the developers caused some of the delay. Additional delay was due to a bug found after the release voting took place, requiring a new round of voting.

Top Issues Before Graduation

  • Continue to increase contributors to establish a more diverse development community

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