VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a cloud computing platform for the management of physical and virtual machines. It provides comparatively easy and simple base line install with a end-user self service interface.

New Committers

  • The Apache VCL community recently added James O'Dell from California State University at Fullerton as a committer. We welcome James and look forward to his expertise and knowledge to help advance VCL project and community.

New PPMC member

  • The Apache VCL PPMC recently added Aaron Coburn as a new PPMC member. The current PPMC welcomes Aaron.

Community Involvement

  • The Apache VCL community is a growing community with global interest from Education and commercial entities. 
  • The community is fast to respond to user questions and discuss design ideas in a respectful manner.
  • We have seen cross project interest as through a contribution of a VCL driver to the Apache LIBCLOUD project.
  • There are other potential candidates that have expressed interest in becoming committers. They are working through their initial contributions. We look forward to hopefully bring them aboard.


  • Our next release has been delayed from our previous board report.
  • This 2.3 release is a very large release, including bug-fixes, support from kvm, VMWare vcenter, multi-lingualization, and approved contributions from the community.
  • We are in testing now and hope to generate a 2.3 release candidate in the next few days.

Top Issues Before Graduation

  • Graduation work itself - As a community discuss graduation to determine if we are ready. If so proceed with starting the process.
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