VCL is a modular cloud computing platform which dynamically provisions and brokers remote access to compute resources including virtual machines, bare-metal computers, and resources in other cloud platforms. A self-service web portal is used to request resources and for administration. VCL became a TLP on June 20, 2012.


  • Work was completed for the VCL 2.3.2 bugfix release. Fixes for the previous Apache VCL 2.x releases were also created.
  • Progress is being made on the large new configuration management system slated for VCL 2.4.
  • Aaron Coburn presented at ApacheCon in February. The topic was "Desktop Virtualization with Apache VCL".
  • A fair amount of work has been done to improve the look and organization of the project CMS website as well as the Confluence wiki.
  • There is some interest within the VCL community to work with the Cloudstack project. Cloudstack resources could be provisioned via VCL. There may be additional ways to integrate the two products/projects.


  • VCL 2.3.2 was released on 3-25-2013


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